Gilmore Girls Sugar Cookies

In anticipation of the new mini series I decided to rewatch the series for the upteenth time and came up with unique sugar cookies that I believe embody the spirit of the Gilmore’s and the wonderful world of Stars Hollow. I hope you like them!
Gilmore Girl Themed Sugar Cookies for the Gilmore Girl's Revival 

Today is the day!!! I have been anxiously awaiting for the Gilmore Girls reboot since the rumours started.  To say that I am OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls is an understatement. It is the first show I ever binge watched (on DVD) and have since re-watched it over and over again (I think I've seen the entire series over 10 times). Gilmore Girls is comfort TV for me - when I am feeling sick or sad I immediately turn on one of my favourite episodes.   In high school my besties and I used to hang out in each others basements watching Gilmore Girls and eating copious amounts of junk food. From pizza to ice cream to candy to cookies we had it all! When we finished the series we started watching some of the movies mentioned throughout. We were (and maybe still are) serious die hard fans.

Gilmore Girl Themed Sugar Cookies for the Gilmore Girl's Revival


One of the things I love most about Gilmore Girls is that no matter how many times I watch it I never seem to get sick of it. Each time I watch I relate to a different character is a new way. The first times I watched the series I was decidedly Team Jess. He challenged Rory, had an air of mystery about him and was your typical bad boy.  However, now I am leaning towards Team Logan. Don't get me wrong I would be happy if she ended up with Jess but there is something about Logan that I think makes him perfect for Rory - the ending of season 7 aside (it doesn't really count anyways - does it?). 

Watching the Gilmore Girl's Reunion 

While I'd like to space out the reunion episodes and not binge watch them. Letting the the excitement of a new episode live on just a little bit longer, I don't think I will have the will power. I can’t seem to sit down and watch just one Gilmore Girl's episode. I have the girls coming over tonight to watch Gilmore Girls the way we used in our pjs with lots of junk food and of course these sugar cookies!

Gilmore Girl Sugar Cookies for the Gilmore Girl's Revival on Netflix

Will you be watching the Gilmore Girl's Revival? Let me know in the comments below!