Ginger Pumpkin Tart

A fun twist on an autumn classic! This ginger pumpkin tart is incredibly flavourful with just the right amount of spice! The tart has a deliciously smooth pumpkin filling and a chewy ginger cookie crust. Perfect for any fall gathering!

Silky Smooth Pumpkin Tart with a Chewy Ginger Crust

It is finally starting to look and feel like fall here! The leaves are changing colours and there a definite crisp chill to the air. I am loving every minute of it! Fall is my favourite season. I love the colours, the cozy knits and the delicious flavours. One of the best things about fall? All things pumpkin of course!

I didn’t want to make your traditional pumpkin pie this year. I wanted to do something a little bit different. I recently purchase a couple of tart pans and I couldn’t wait to use them! I decided step outside the traditionally round pumpkin pie and make a pumpkin tart instead. Since I was already going with a non-traditional shape I figured I may as well change up the crust too. This ginger cookie crust is delicious! Its slightly more chewy and less flaky in texture than your typical pie crust. It is also incredibly flavourful! The ginger flavour pairs exceptionally well with the pumpkin filling. The filling itself is pretty typical of a pumpkin pie filling. Its full of delicious warming spices and is silky smooth!

Pumpkin Tart with a Ginger Cookie Crust

Ginger Pumpkin Tart

Yield: One 14 by 4.5 inch tart
Time: The pumpkin filing and ginger cookie crust need to chill for 4+ hours


Pumpkin Filling

1 c pumpkin puree

¾ c brown sugar

2 eggs

1 tbsp corn starch

½ tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

1 ½ tsp pumpkin pie spice

½ c heavy cream

Pie Crust

1 c flour

½ c brown sugar

1 ½ tsp ginger

½ c butter, cold and grated

2 tbsp molasses

1 egg, beaten


For the filling: In a medium bowl, whisk together pumpkin puree, brown sugar, and eggs until combined. Whisk in corn starch, salt, pepper, pumpkin pie spice. Finally, whisk in heavy cream until combined. Cover with plastic wrap and let chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours or up to overnight.

For the crust: In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, sugar and ginger. Cut in grated butter until mixture resembles wet sand. Stir in molasses and egg, mixing until dough is formed. Pour dough onto lightly floured plastic wrap and form into a disk. Place wrapped dough in the fridge for a minimum of four hour or overnight.

Pre-heat oven to 400F. Remove dough from plastic wrap and using a rolling pin, roll dough out into long rectangle until dough is about 1/8 inch thick. Lay dough across tart pan. Press dough lightly into bottom and sides of tart pan. Cover pan with a piece of plastic wrap and place in freezer for 30 minutes. Using a fork gently prick sides and bottom of dough with a fork. Par-bake dough for 10 minutes.

Drop oven down to 375F. Pour pumpkin filling into par-baked crust. Bake until the centre is almost set, about 25-30 minutes. Allow tart to cool completely before serving.

Pumpkin Tart with a Ginger Cookie Crust

Gluten Free Almond Peach Galette

Juicy peaches combined with a delicious gluten free almond crust make this almond peach galette the ideal summer dessert. Top with ice cream and enjoy outside after a BBQ for the perfect summer evening

Gluten Free Almond and Peach Galette

Well I didn't mean to take almost an entire month off from blogging but somehow the time just got away from me. I went on vacation for a couple of weeks with my family and didn't do enough advanced planning to get blog posts out while I was away. But I have  been busy the last couple of weeks planning new content, recipe testing and editing photos/videos for you! I am excited about some of the new recipes and tutorials I have coming your way. Starting with this Gluten Free Almond and Peach Galette.  I've been into baking with fruit lately. Can you tell? 

Gluten Free Almond & Peach Galette 

I have always wanted to make a galette. When ever I browse through Pinterest and one pops up in my feed I think I need to make one of those. I love their rustic look. All the deliciousness of a pie without the hassle of creating a beautiful looking crust.  I decided to go with an almond flour crust to make the galette naturally gluten free. It took a couple of tries to get a good consistency on the crust that held together while baking. Since almonds are naturally oily - not much butter is needed for the crust. The crust is still a bit challenging to work with, as the more you work with it the more it begins to fall apart. I highly recommend starting with a well chilled crust and rolling the crust out onto parchment paper to avoid having to transfer it later. 

Peaches are so sweet this time of year so I kept the amount of sugar to a minimum to allow the natural sweetness of the peaches to really shine through.  Just add a scope of vanilla ice cream and you have the perfect summer dessert. Or top the galette with a some yogurt and you have a delicious breakfast or snack! 

Gluten Free Almond and Peach Galette

Gluten Free Almond Peach Galette

Makes: 1 Galette

Gluten Free Almond & Peach Galette