One Bowl Brownies

Quick and easy, super fudgy, one bowl brownies! These dense and delicious brownies are chalk full of chocolately goodness!
Enjoy with a large glass of milk! 

Super dense fudgy one bowl brownies 

I wanted a brownie recipe that I could quickly whip up when a chocolate craving hit, but that used least amount of dishes possible (#goals). With that in mind, this quick and easy, super fudgy one bowl brownie recipe was born. 

When developing this recipe I did a lot of reading about what makes brownies fudgy vs cakey. I knew I wanted a rich, dense, fudgy brownie.  One of my favourite things about baking is how simple ingredients come together to create something decadent and delicious.  I love experimenting with various ingredients, trying new things and seeing how different ratios of the same ingredients creates very different final products. Ah the science of baking! 

Most brownie recipes usually either call for cocoa powder or melted semi sweet chocolate. I decided to go with cocoa powder for its rich chocolate flavour and ease of use. Since I was making a one bowl recipe, I didn't want to have to deal with melting chocolate (is my laziness showing?).  I decided to go with a mix of regular sugar and brown sugar in this recipe. The brown sugar really brings out the fudgy flavours of these brownies.  During my research, I learned that the shiny, often cracked tops of brownies is actually due to the eggs in the recipe and how long you beat them for. Beating the eggs into the butter and sugar causes a meringue to form while the brownie is baking which is what causes the shiny crust on top of the brownies. For an extra punch of chocolate, I added some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips to the batter. Enjoy! 

Super fudgy and dense one bowl brownies 

One Bowl Brownies

Makes: 9 to 16 Brownies depending on size


3/4 c butter, melted

1 c sugar 

1 c brown sugar 

1 tsp vanilla extract 

3 eggs

1/2 c cocoa powder 

1/2 c AP flour 

1/2 tsp salt 

1/2 c mini semi sweet chocolate chips 

Pre-heat oven to 350F. Grease a 8x8 inch baking tin with butter and dust with cocoa powder or flour. Set aside.

In a large bowl, whisk together butter, sugar and brown sugar until combined. Whisk in vanilla. Add eggs one at a time whisking well after each addition. 

Add cocoa powder, flour and salt to the wet ingredients. Whisk until just combined. 

Stir semi sweet chocolate chips into brownie batter. Transfer batter to prepared pan, evenly smooth out batter using an off set spatula. 

Bake for 23-26 minutes. Top will be shiny and edges should be set. Allow brownies to cool in the pan for 10-15 minutes. Transfer to wire rack to cool completely before cutting into squares. 

Super fudgy and dense one bowl brownies 

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